Letter from the founders



JED Consulting is the first Junior Enterprise in North America. It is part of the Management Undergraduate Society and has been created thanks to the help of the Management Entrepreneurship Society in October 2012.

Initially our goal was to offer McGill students the possibility to engage in a real-life work experience while studying, thus giving them a true business exposure. As we got acquainted with the worldwide Junior Enterprise concept our ambition grew.


Junior Enterprises are in fact acclaimed in the world by leading institutions including the World Bank and the European Commission. They are recognized for their positive impact on education, entrepreneurship and commitment. This global recognition boosted our will to create the first JE in Canada so that Canadian leaders understand and witness the exceptional potential of our beloved fellow McGill students.


Our mission is to bring to light the talent of tomorrow by engaging and developing potential young leaders thus fostering entrepreneurship.


We are committed to offer our clients innovative, sustainable and effective solutions to increase the value of their business. Finally, we are here to contribute in placing our university and partners as key players of the social and economic development in the world.


Gabriel Gougaud and Melissa Serfaty
Founding Co-Presidents